The story so far…

TIKI LOVERS is the Rum brand created by Stephan Berg and Alexander Hauck. Stephan and Alexander are also the founders of the highly successful worldwide brand THE BITTER TRUTH.

While they had already branched out into the tropical category with liqueurs like Falernum and Pimento Dram, they had little interest in expanding the THE BITTER TRUTH portfolio into pouring spirits.

During one of their many trips as ambassadors for their brand, Stephan and Alexander had an experience in a Tiki-themed bar, where the drinks – due to the chosen rums – tasted flat and in need of improvement. It was then the idea of creating a range of blended rums ideal for use in Tiki cocktails was born.

Both Stephan and Alexander have great affection for rum, rum-based cocktails and Polynesian pop culture, and have therefore created the TIKI LOVERS range, choosing the best rums from the Caribbean for the ultimate taste experience. TIKI LOVERS Rums are inspired by the heritage of mixing tropical drinks and the Polynesian-Angloamerican mixed influences on art and literature.

High quality, flavourful rums to truly improve famous tropical drinks like the Mai Tai, Daiquiri, Rum Punch etc., with excellent, intense base spirits, but at sensible pouring costs. But not just for Tiki drinks or tropical cocktails, any rum-based drink will taste better with TIKI LOVERS Rum.

Throughout Stephan’s earlier years as a seafarer, he traveled the tropics and experienced rum-making first hand in the Caribbean islands of Jamaica, Trinidad, Cuba and Barbados. It was there he learned about the heritage of rum-making, blending and drinking.
Alexander, a designer, bartender and passionate Rum aficionado, was an early admirer of Polynesian pop art & culture – even more so after his first visit at the »Mai-Kai« in Fort Lauderdale, a Tiki temple built in 1956 which is still in existence. It was there he – intoxicated by Polynesian dance performances and Tiki drinks – scribbled down his first ideas for the label of their new rum brand.

All TIKI LOVERS Rums are all natural and at higher proof. Not only because this reduces pouring costs, but also because it improves the intensity, flavour and taste!

Passion for Rum!

White Rum
Dark Rum
Tiki Lovers White Rum

700ml / 50% Vol.

Winner White Rum Category,
Mixology Taste Forum 2016

Tiki Lovers White Rum

A Blend of Jamaica & Trinidad Rum

A delicious blend composed of aged and unaged Rums from the Caribbean, with the backbone of TIKI LOVERS White Rum coming from the lush and fragrant shores of Jamaica.

Distilled at some of the island’s most famous distilleries, Monymusk and Worthy Park, with the heritage of rum-making dating back to the year of 1741. Jamaican Rum is world-renowned for its distinctive flavour and high quality, and was therefore our first choice when we were looking for saporous and tasty Rums that would lead the aroma structure of our blend. The chosen unaged rums are pot-still distilled and are heavy with esters, creating the impression of rich banana flavor and cooked fruits.

The blending process, a fine art for centuries, includes rum, aged up to 5 years, from Trinidad’s most famous distillery. The rum is then stripped of color by charcoal filtration, but maintains its full flavour, intensified by the ageing time in black charred, old Bourbon barrels.

In a final flourish, a crisp, fresh and crystal-clear column still rum from Trinidad is added, creating a premium white rum, at a sumptuous 50% Alc. Vol. with complex fruity and floral notes.

Created in 2011, TIKI LOVERS White Rum secured the top position at Mixology Magazine’s Taste Forum, against leading products and brands in the white rum category. TIKI LOVERS White Rum is distinctive in drink classics like the Daiquiri, Rum & Cola, Pina Colada and other tropical thirst quenchers.

The first place and the highest rating of „Excellent“ at 95 of 100 points speaks volumes, the rum seduces with a complex fruit bouquet, supplemented by leather, pepper and a beautiful floweriness. A complex white rum, which will perform very well in a variety of drinks.
Mixology Magazine, Germany

Tiki Lovers Dark Rum

700ml / 57% Vol.

Best Overproof Rum,
at Berlin Rum Fest 2011

Tiki Lovers Dark Rum

A Blend of Jamaica & Barbados Rum

TIKI LOVERS Dark Rum is bottled at a hefty English proof. At 57% Vol. it is the perfect marriage between unaged Jamaican pot-still rum from the famous Hampden Estate—Jamaica’s only distillery fully dedicated to heavy pot-still rums—and rum from Barbados, aged between 2 and 3 years, distilled at Foursquare distillery.

Both Rums come from Caribbean islands where Rum has been distilled for centuries, dating back to the 1700s. The barrels of the chosen Barbados Rum age on tropical shores, exposed to the sea breeze, warm climate and are high on evaporation rate, leading to a more complex and balanced spirit.

The final touch is a small blend of fresh column-still rums from both Trinidad and Guyana for ultimate complexity, rounded-off with 3-5 years-old Trinidadian Rum.

TIKI LOVERS Dark Rum was created in 2011 and is a complex, rich and masculine rum with hints of vanilla, dark fruit, molasses and spice , evoking the flavour of the Caribbean Islands and its beloved rums that make drinks shine. TIKI LOVERS Dark Rum is fantastic on its own but shines bright in cocktails like the Mai Tai, Rum Punches, Fog Cutter and Zombie.

TIKI LOVERS Dark Rum won gold medal at the 2011 German Rum Festival as the best overproof Rum and some very famous Rum experts loved it – well I also love it now after I tried it!
Helena Tiare Olsen – A Mountain of Crushed Ice Blog

Tiki Lovers Pineapple

700ml / 45% Vol.

Tiki Lovers Pineapple

Dark Rum with Pineapple Extracts

TIKI LOVERS Pineapple has its roots in the past, when Caribbean distillers were macerating fresh pineapples in high proof sugar cane spirit, thereby adding an extra dimension of fruity deliciousness to the rum.

Created in 2015 following the success of TIKI LOVERS White and Dark Rums, TIKI LOVERS Pineapple is based on all natural extracts of tropical pineapples sourced from South America. The fruits are harvested at the peak of ripeness and their sweet and seductive juice extracted by pressing. The unfermented juice is then stripped of some of its water content to emerge as a complex pineapple extract that does not water down the blend of rums.

The rum blend is composed of aged & unaged Jamaican pot-still rum from Hampden Estate and Worthy Park, 3-year-old Barbados Rum from Foursquare Distillery, aged in former Bourbon Whiskey barrels, and some young column still rums from both Trinidad and Guyana.

The rum blend, at a juicy 45% Alc. Vol., is then infused with the pineapple extraction and allowed to rest for several weeks. This gives the flavors of sugar cane time to mingle elegantly with fruity layers of juicy pineapple, while maintaining the full and complex aromas of the rum blend that will evoke the flavor of the Caribbean islands and their long heritage of rum production.

TIKI LOVERS Pineapple is not the usual kind of flavoured Rum. It’s bold, it’s funky, it is not hiding its Rum personality and it stands out where it should. Best used in all drinks tropical or served with ginger beer.

This is not your fake pineapple rum which hides its flavors, but shows its bold character of intense dark Caribbean rum and fresh & fruity pineapple notes. The freshness strikes the palate right away and there is no doubt the natural extracts play the key role here as it just tastes awesome. Go get it!
…and it tastes like pineapple