700ml / 57% Vol.

Best Overproof Rum,
at Berlin Rum Fest 2011

Tiki Lovers Dark Rum

A Blend of Jamaica & Barbados Rum

Tiki Lovers Dark Rum is bottled at a hefty English proof 57% Vol. and is the perfect marriage between unaged Jamaican pot-still rum from the famous Hampton Estate, Jamaica’s only distillery fully dedicated to heavy pot-still Rums and Rum from Barbados –where Rum was born-, aged between 2 and 3 years, distilled at Foursquare distillery.

Both Rums come from Caribbean islands where Rum has been distilled for centuries, even dating back to the 1700s. The barrels of the chosen Barbados Rum age on tropic shores, exposed to the sea breeze, warm climate and are high on evaporation rate, leading to a more complex and balanced spirit, creating an ideal mix between wood and spirit.

The final touch is a small blend of fresh column still rums from both Trinidad and Guyana for ultimate complexity, rounded off with 3-5 years old Trinidadian Rum.
Tiki Lovers Dark Rum was created in 2011 and is a complex, rich and masculine Rum with hints of vanilla, dark fruit, molasses and spice and evokes the flavour of the Caribbean Islands and its beloved Rums that make drinks shine. Tiki Lovers Dark Rum is fantastic on its own but shines bright in cocktails like the Mai Tai, Rum Punches, Fog Cutter and Zombie.

Tiki Lovers Dark Rum won gold medal at the 2011 German Rum Festival as the best overproof Rum and some very famous Rum experts loved it – well I also love it now after I tried it!
Helena Tiare Olsen – A Mountain of Crushed Ice Blog